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Public Issue – May 26, 2010 

  Key Developments

ACA Calls On The FCC To Halt Broadcaster Price Discrimination

The American Cable Association called on the Federal Communications Commission to assert its authority and protect consumers by creating new retransmission consent rules designed to prevent broadcasters from charging discriminatory fees and creating joint negotiating entities in order to further maximize their economic leverage over small cable providers.

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ACA Welcomes FCC Action On Timely Access To Utility Poles

The American Cable Association applauded the Federal Communications Commission for moving decisively to establish new rules that will set the stage for more timely and affordable access to utility poles by small cable companies working hard to advance broadband deployment in remote areas of the country.

"ACA applauds the FCC for responding to small cable operators by adopting rules that will simultaneously speed access to utility poles and help expedite the rollout of broadband facilities in rural America,” American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka said.

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  News Headlines
  • Frontier Cleared By FCC To Buy Verizon's Rural Lines (Bloomberg Businessweek, 05/21)
    Frontier Communications Corp. won U.S. regulatory approval to buy 4.8 million rural telephone lines from Verizon Communications Inc., creating the largest phone operator serving communities outside metropolitan areas.
  • Verizon Wants FCC To Get Rid Of Network Non-Duplication, Syndicated Exclusivity (Broadcasting & Cable, 05/20)
    Verizon took a targeted approach to asking the FCC for changes to the retransmission consent regime.
  • Senator Wants Answers On Google Wi-Fi Incident (NationalJournal, 05/20)
    Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., wrote Google CEO Eric Schmidt Thursday seeking answers to her questions about the firm's revelation last week that it had "mistakenly" collected private data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks.
  • FCC Appoints Flynn To Oversee Comcast-NBCU Merger (The Washington Post, 05/19)
    The Federal Communications Commission appointed John Flynn, general counsel of ICO Global Communications to head the review of Comcast's proposed merger with NBC Universal.
  • Influential FCC Adviser Colin Crowell Prepares To Join The Industry He Oversaw (The Washington Post, 05/19)
    Colin Crowell's fingerprints are all over some of the biggest technology and telecommunications statutes of the last two decades. He's one of the most influential tech policy operatives you've never heard of.
  • U.S. Court Won't Hear Cablevision/FCC Must-Carry Case (Reuters, 05/17)
    The U.S. Supreme Court said on Monday that it would not hear an appeal by Cablevision Systems Corp (CVC.N) to the Federal Communications Commission's must-carry requirement that forces cable systems to carry programming of broadcast television stations.
  • Must Cable TV Carry Every Broadcast Channel? (Los Angeles Times, 05/17)
    The Supreme Court declined Monday to revisit a nearly 20-year-old requirement that cable TV systems carry all local broadcast stations. The court had already upheld the requirement twice, in 1994 and 1997, but Cablevision Systems challenged it again in an effort to avoid carrying WRNN, a station in Kingston, N.Y., that broadcasts mainly infomercials, shopping programs and syndicated shows. The Supreme Court was probably right to punt on this one, but it's past time for Congress to pare back the must-carry mandate.
  • Google Set For Probes On Data Harvesting (, 05/17)
    Authorities on both sides of the Atlantic on Monday moved towards investigating Google following the internet group’s disclosure that it had recorded communications sent over unsecured wireless networks in people’s homes.
  • FCC Chairman Says Policies Will Help U.S. Catch Up In Broadband (Bloomberg Businessweek, 05/13)
    Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski said his push for more stringent regulations on Internet providers is designed to help the U.S. catch up to the leading countries in broadband services.
  • Congress Passes STELA (Broadcasting & Cable, 05/12)
    Congress finally passed a full satellite reauthorization bill May 12 after months of delays and extensions, many over unrelated matters.

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  About ACA

Across this vast country, small and rural markets participate in the digital revolution by receiving video, broadband, and phone services from nearly 900 small and medium-sized independent operators represented by the American Cable Association (ACA).

ACA’s members -- cable, phone, and fiber-to-the-home operators and municipalities -- deliver affordable basic and advanced services to about 7 million households and businesses. ACA members operate in every state, offering high-definition television, next generation Internet access, and digital phone service.

Access to advanced communications is not a luxury but a critical necessity for consumers and companies, schools and hospitals. America’s economic prosperity in smaller markets and rural areas depends on the growth and success of ACA members, who believe a connected nation, is a united nation.

The ACA asks lawmakers and regulators to ensure fair treatment so that small and medium-sized independent operators may continue to supply affordable video, broadband, and phone services to Main Street America. Through active participation in the policymaking process, ACA members and leaders advocate for the interests of their customers, their companies, and their communities to help ensure the continued viability of their way of life in hometown America.

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