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FCC Motion in Support of Media Access Project's Request for Extension of Time regarding Comcast-NBCU

Submission Date: 

The American Cable Association(“ACA”) files this Motion in Support of the Request for Extension of Time filedby Media Access Project (“MAP”) in this proceeding, and urges the Commission to grant MAP’s request.        

MAP filed a Request for Extension of Time seeking a forty-five (45) day extensionto file petitions to deny, oppositions, and comments in response to theCommission’s Public Notice seeking comment on the Applications of Comcast Corporation, General Electric Company,and NBC Universal, Inc. to assign and transfer control of certain FCC licenses.  

As MAP notes in itsRequest, an extension of time isespecially important in this proceeding given the Commission’s request that petitionersand commenters raise all issues in their initial filings.  Interested parties should have more than the 45days provided for in the Public Noticeto raise all issues and provide complete responses to the Applications filed byComcast Corporation, General Electric Company, and NBC Universal, Inc.  For example, Applicants’ economic study has not been available forreview until very recently, and it will take time for interested partiesto analyze and provide detailed responses to the study.  ACA plans to actively participate in thisproceeding, and all interested parties should have adequate time to preparedetailed filings – including economic studies – to provide the Commission with themost complete and well developed record possible in this complex and important proceeding.

Moreover, as MAP notes in its Request, the Commission has established filing deadlines in a large number of important proceedings over the next few months.  Given (i) the extensive resources needed t oparticipate in each upcoming proceeding; and (ii) the complex and significant nature of this transaction, a 45-day extension is warranted and in the publicinterest. 

ACA fully supports MAP’s request to extend the filing deadline to June 17, 2010(with oppositions and replies being due on July 16, 2010 and August 1, 2010,respectively), and urges the Commission to grant MAP’s request.

2010 03 23 ACA Support for MAP's Request for Extension of Time FINAL.pdf32.05 KB

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