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Frankfort Plant Board (Frankfort, KY)

Frankfort Plant Board ("FPB") Cable doesn't have the same retransmission consent problems as many small operators because we can carry broadcast stations from two different markets. Accordingly, we believe that a solution to the retransmission consent problem may be to eliminate the network non-duplication ("non-dup") rules that prevent operators from carrying stations in neighboring markets.

FPB is located in the Lexington television market, but we can also carry Louisville stations because they are considered "significantly viewed" in the counties we serve. Because we're carrying the Louisville stations under the significantly view rules, the Lexington stations cannot utilize the non-dup rules, which typically allow broadcasters to block operators from importing stations in adjacent markets. While we still gets into retransmission consent disputes, having the right to carry more than one broadcast station on our system reduces the broadcasters' leverage during carriage talks. This means we're able to sign deals that better reflect the fair market value of the station. By eliminating the network non-dup rules, all operators would be able to carry stations from a nearby market, like us, and the deals they reach would be less one-sided.

We are a municipal utility in Frankfort, KY, offering cable service since 1952. Today, we offer digital cable to more than 17,400 subscribers, as well as broadband and voice services.

Except for retransmission consent, we are in the same situation as other small operators. Regulations that require us to carry must carry stations and leased access programming use up scarce bandwidth, and programmers use their market power to force us into carrying all of their affiliated channels - we aren't provided standalone options at reasonable prices, terms, and conditions. We'd prefer to use our limited channel capacity to provide high definition programming and faster broadband speeds, which is what our customers want. If we can't meet our customers' needs, we won't be competitive, and we'll go out of business, a result that would be harmful to our community.

~John Higginbotham, Frankfort Plant Board

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